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 Conversion Migration Transformation Management System. An industrial approach to migration issues. AN INDUSTRIAL APPROACH TO MIGRATION ISSUES

Conversion Migration : The solution to your computer conversion problems. Mainframe Migration. System Transformation. Data Conversion. Database Migration. IBM, BULL, UNIX, ICL, MVS, VSE, AIX, AS400, GCOS7, GCOS8  Cobol, PL1, Assembleur, Ideal, Natural, GMAP, PACBASE, ARIANE, Focus, Nomad, Ramis, SAS, Easytreve, Generol, CICS, TCAM, TDS, IMS, IDMS, DL1, DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Datacom, Adabas. THE SOLUTION TO YOUR COMPUTER CONVERSION PROBLEMS

Conversion Migration has been specialized in the migration of information systems for many years, and utilize an industrial approach with a proven methodology for all migrations. Conversion Migration has invested many man-years in developing its migration methodology and the result is higher productivity and increased quality. In addition, Conversion Migration has invested heavily in the development of an extensive library of software tools for automating many aspects of conversion and data migration. Our investment in procedures, software, programming and computer usage makes the migration process available for most source and target combinations ( IBM, MVS, VM, VSE, AS400, AIX, BULL, GCOS, ICL, UNIX, COBOL, PL1, PLI, CPL1, ASSEMBLY, FORTRAN, RPG, GAP, GMAP, SAS, NATURAL, ADL, IDEAL, AIDA, TELON, PACBASE, ARIANE, GENEROL, RAMIS, FOCUS, NOMAD, REXX, EASYTRIEVE, SYSIF, IMS/DB, DLI, DL1, IDS2, IDMS, IDMS/R, DDS, SQL, DB2, PROTEE, QMF, ADABAS, DATACOM, SYSBASE, ORACLE, CA-UNIVERS, IMS/DC, IDMS/DC, DM4TP, TDS, TP8, TCAM, CICS, CA-SCHEDULER, CONTROL-M, OPC, PSS, ...)

Migration Methodology. Migration Phases. Preliminary Study, Detailed Study, Prototype, Translation, Implementation.

The transformation process consists of five distinct PHASES

Migration Preliminary Study Phase. MIGRATION PRELIMINARY STUDY PHASE
Migration Detailed Study Phase. MIGRATION DETAILED STUDY PHASE
Migration Software Customization and Prototype Phase. MIGRATION SOFTWARE CUSTOMIZATION AND PROTOTYPE PHASE
Migration Industrial Translation Phase. MIGRATION INDUSTRIAL TRANSLATION PHASE
Migration Implementation Phase. MIGRATION IMPLEMENTATION PHASE

including STAGES, TASKS, DELIVERY, TOOLS, and ACTORS which are detailed below.

Migration Preliminary Study Phase.

Migration Preliminary Study Phase. PRELIMINARY STUDY PHASE

Conversion Migration Transformation Management System. KnowledgeBase and Repository.

Conversion Migration Workbench. WORKBENCH
Conversion Migration Knowledgebase and Repository. Repository

Migration Tools. Source Analyzers, Program Translaters, Conversion Migration Generators, Comparison and Simulation Tools.

Migration Tools. Source Analyzers, Program Translaters, Conversion Migration Generators, Comparison and Simulation Tools. MIGRATION TOOLS
Migration Conversion FAQ. MIGRATION FAQ    

Migration Detailed Study Phase.

Migration Detailed Study Phase. DETAILED STUDY PHASE

Migration Prototype Phase.

Migration Prototype Phase. PROTOTYPE PHASE

Migration Industrial Translation Phase.

Migration Industrial Translation Phase. TRANSLATION PHASE

Migration Implementation Phase.

Migration Implementation Phase. IMPLEMENTATION PHASE

Since system migration involves many activities, including study, planning, data preparation, conversion, testing, and implementation, a migration project is usually time-consuming and complicated. The quality of the completed work in each activity determines the success of subsequent tasks. Transformation Management System standards and procedures ensure the accuracy of each step and avoid costly rework and unnecessary processing. Workbench MIGRATION tools also reduce the use of our clients' production resources during the project.

Using special software and management techniques, Conversion Migration tools decreases the time needed for JCL, PROGRAM, PANEL, REPORT, FILE and DATABASE conversion. The emphasis is placed on thorough and measurable unit testing, which reduces costly system and parallel testing time later in the project. In short, Conversion Migration tools reduces the overall time needed for migration and minimizes the costs and impact on your production staff and equipment. More importantly, this is not accomplished at the expense of quality. In fact, our methodology actually increases the quality of the migrated systems.